Enter to Win!

Rules and Terms:
At the completion of entry deadline, one winner will be picked from the list of entries whom have completed all three required tasks. 1. Like the Facebook post 2. Like the Facebook page and enter the form with complete name and email information. Those entrants who have completed all three tasks will then be entered into the random drawing. The winner is then picked by the PromoSimple contest application and will be posted on the WIldmanT Facebook page. If the selected winner does NOT want to be posted on the WildmanT Facebook page, then that winner forfeits it's winning position and a second name will be drawn until said conditions are met. No friends or direct family of any WildmanT employees are eligible to win. If said winner is a friend or family of a WildmanT employee, that winner will be forfeited and a new name will be drawn until said conditions are met.

All names and emails will become member of our opt-in email list used solely by WildmanT and solely for the purpose of WildmanT. Names collected during the drawing will never be sold or shared with other sources for the purpose of solicitation. The opted-in new member will receive WildmanT newsletters with WildmanT content, sales and promos. WildmanT does contain adult materials and such materials as harsh language or sexually suggestive imagery may appear in your mail in-box. These terms are subject to change.